One of the fascinating elements about the human body is the amount of cross over and connection it has with multiple systems of the body at any one time. We find it so exciting that the muscular system works with the skeletal system, the skeletal system works with the endocrine system, the central nervous system works with every system.

It is amazing how this complex and beautifully designed system can become your greatest tool towards a healthy life. It continuously wants to find a way back to a state of equilibrium regardless how long it takes to heal. It is truly something to be nourished, respected, and looked after.

One of the close connections of the human body, you may not know about is the connection between the skeletal system (our bone health) and immunity. We are more than meets the eye.

Our immune system is comprised of a complex network of organs, cells and tissues that interact with other organ systems. This network allows the immune system to keep its dynamic equilibrium (homeostasis) through activating and inhibitory signals, allowing it to adapt to environmental clues. There is significant scientific evidence that shows that danger signals from injuries and inflammation activate an immune response, but also activate mechanisms that will later negatively regulate immune cell activation.

Having a healthy immune system permits us to interact with our environment safely, keeping invading pathogens under control, including bacteria and viruses.

At our OsteoStrong Centres we also have amazing biohack devices that can regenerate you at a cellular level and provide a boost to your immune system, helping you build your defence against viruses. Your body can fight off infection and viruses, if given the proper tools. So, one of the smartest things you can do right now is to boost your immune system.

Spectrum Machines & Healthy Bones

Loading the foundation of your body to impact multiple systems for your overall health.

Osteogenic loading has been proven to improve bone health which boosts white blood cell production and enhances the immune system

Red blood cells and white blood cells (immune cells) are created in bone marrow inside your bones. Studies show a direct correlation between white blood cell count and healthy bone mineral density.

And guess what? Our Spectrum machines stimulate osteogenesis, which promotes healthy bone cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts. These cells are critical to keep bones and blood healthy. So, the healthier your bones are, the healthier your immune system is.

If you haven’t tried all of our amazing technology, speak to the team now about improving the elements of your health you can’t see and extend your healthspan now!

Team OsteoStrong

Team OsteoStrong


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