Setting yourself up for health success as a woman

“When I expect more of myself and less of others, I stop wasting energy on things I can’t control” Craig Harper

As women, we are forever spending our time looking after others, be it our partner, children, family members or close friends. With this article we wanted to highlight the importance of having the tools and team around you, to set your health up for success.

Firstly, we would encourage understanding the vital difference between being motivated vs having discipline. Motivation is often fleeting as it comes and goes depending on the situation or focus. Discipline is what drives a person to succeed when faced with challenge. It’s what keeps you going when motivation evaporates.

Secondly, it is important to gain clarity on your values (and beliefs), as these ultimately influence and drive your non-negotiables. Your non-negotiables become clearer because you understand what you value, and what is important for you to commit to daily.

Here is a list of Values you can refer to for reflection:

  1. Accountability           
  2. Achievement 
  3. Adaptability
  4. Adventure
  5. Ambition
  6. Authenticity
  7. Balance
  8. Belonging
  9. Career
  10. Caring
  11. Collaboration
  12. Commitment
  13.  Community
  14. Compassion
  15.  Competence
  16.  Confidence
  17.  Connection
  18.  Contentment
  19. Contribution
  20.  Cooperation 
  21.  Courage
  22.  Creativity
  23. Curiosity
  24.  Dignity
  25. Diversity
  26.  Environment
  27. Efficiency

28.  Equality
29.  Ethics
30.  Excellence
31.  Fairness
32.  Faith
33.  Family
34.  Financial Stability
35.  Forgiveness
36.  Freedom
37.  Friendship
38.  Fun
39.  Generosity
40. Giving Back
41. Grace
42. Gratitude
43. Growth
44. Harmony
45. Health
46. Home
47. Honesty
48. Hope
49. Humility
50. Humour
51. Inclusion
52. Independence
53. Initiative
54. Integrity

55. Intuition
56. Job Security
57. Joy
58. Kindness
59. Knowledge
60. Leadership
61. Learning
62. Loyalty
63. Making A Difference
64. Nature
65. Openness
66. Optimism
67. Patience
68. Personal Fulfillment
69. Recognition
70. Reliability
71. Respect
72. Risk-taking
73. Safety
74. Self-discipline
75. Service
76. Success
77. Teamwork
78. Time
79. Trust
80. Uniqueness
81. Wealth

To continue to improve on the ownership of your health and wellness, there is often a need to engage in external support, beyond family and friends. Perhaps it could be a psychologist to support your mental / emotional wellbeing, or a Wellness/Life Coach to help you understand how to make choices to improve your health and wellbeing, as well as supporting you and keeping you accountable.

There are also other practitioners that could support your health journey. A Kinesiologist works to help clear old thought patterns/beliefs and energy from your physical body (which then impacts you mentally and emotionally).  Perhaps even your GP, Endocrinologist, Osteopath, Myotherapist or OsteoStrong Coach, especially if you have built a good trustworthy connection with them.

Having a platform of safety and support and being able to talk things through with an appropriate practitioner, someone ideally who is trained in listening and the ability to provide strategies for support, is hugely therapeutic and beneficial to your overall health success.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most important points, is allowing yourself to surrender your feelings, but also understand that you can only control the controllable. This can be quite challenging and confronting to many individuals but acknowledging that we can’t necessarily control external circumstances, and the things happening around us can be empowering. What we do have control of however, is our internal world (how we think, feel and behave), as well as the food we put inside ourselves. These all assist from a nutritional, movement, information and education perspective.

How well do you think you are in control of your own health? Reach out to our coaches if you feel you need further support in this space.

(Written by Sasha Layton, Senior Session Coach at OsteoStrong and Wellness/Life Coach)

Team OsteoStrong

Team OsteoStrong


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