Did you know, for people who were born in the mid-1930’s in Australia, the average life expectancy for men was 63.5 years and for women 67.1 years? Fast forward to today in 2021, this has increased to around 80 years for men and 84 years for women – that’s a whopping increase of 17 years!!

It’s no wonder then, we are more conscious of preserving our physical and mental health than ever before. What’s important to understand however, is the various elements of health and how it can impact our lifespan (aka the total number of years we live).

Usually when we think of ‘health’ we focus largely on the way we move (or don’t) and the food we eat (or don’t). Health is multi-faceted and when we take a holistic approach, is invariably sustained by what is known as 8 Pillars:

The 8 Pillars of Health:

  1. Physical
  2. Nutritional
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual
  5. Intellectual
  6. Social
  7. Environmental
  8. Financial

At OsteoStrong, you may feel you are mainly focused and working on the physical elements but in actual fact, we take a very holistic approach to target most (if not all) the Pillars of Health.

The main physical component is of course what you are doing on the VibePlate and Spectrum equipment. At the same time, you are also working on the intellectual by learning about what impacts bone growth / density and how that happens, not to forget the work you do around brain integration with our coaches. Then there is the social connection you are gaining through chatting with the staff sharing your personal stories, as well as meeting other members. During your OsteoStrong sessions working 1-on-1 with a dedicated coach means the emotional connection is also being facilitated by being listened to and heard. The spiritual aspect is met when you are using the regenerative equipment (i.e. PEMF, Hydromassage, Red Light Therapy and Normatec Boots) – taking time to close your eyes and relax, perhaps meditating or just taking a moment to pause and catch your breath, focusing on what’s most important – YOU!

When you step into an OsteoStrong centre, you are immediately influenced by an environment that is dedicated to making a positive impact on your wellbeing. And whilst we don’t focus specifically on nutrition per se, we do have supplements dedicated to support your health, plus within some of our centres we have coaches who are qualified nutritionists and/or wellness coaches. Not to mention the ongoing partnerships with other health practitioners where we are always looking to enhance health and wellbeing through a team approach in this area.

And finally, our primary focus at OsteoStrong is to enhance your health and wellbeing from a bones, strength and balance. This is always better if it comes from a preventative perspective. If we can reduce your risk of falling, this can have a direct impact on your financial position (both real time and in the future). This is due to the current costs of healthcare in Australia, and the fact that a hip fracture can cost an individual a significant amount of investment depending on the severity, need for surgery, if they’ve fallen and fractured before and rehabilitation.

As we are now living to an older age due to medical advances and their being much more interest and research has come about on how to age well; this is known as our health-span. Did you know that currently in Australia, there is a 12-year difference between our health span vs life span? ( So, whilst we’re living longer, how well we carry those extra years has an immediate impact on our quality of life.

With prevention at the forefront of OsteoStrong’s minds, you are in the right hands for increasing your health-span so you ultimately have a much better quality of life. Now that is worth celebrating.

Team OsteoStrong

Team OsteoStrong


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