Tech highlight of the Month – Postural Growth Trigger – Spectrum

Do you know there are several large muscles that support your spine running from your tailbone to the base of your head!!? 

And… that these muscles work with a number of other large muscles to ensure activation & strength for postural endurance? 

This region of the body is part of the central part of our skeleton and works closely in conjunction with the core connecting our upper body to our lower body. It provides a base for our arms and legs to attach to and is vital in allowing multiple planes of movement for day to day activity. Changes in activity & activation in this region can adversely impact our entire movement chain & spinal posture. Mobility and stability are important for this region. 

This month we are highlighting the Postural Growth Trigger, one of the 4 machines our members use within the OsteoStrong program each week. This machine is designed to trigger bone and muscle density increase in the spine. 

The movement you are coached through on this machine emulates impact from the heel to the base of the skull as if you were jumping from a distance. 

Have you ever wondered why the machines are designed the way they are? 

All four machines have been designed to provide the most optimal opportunity for creating impact emulation. These positions have been refined in their biomechanical positioning, minimising any risk for individuals of all ages and conditioning level. 

The aim for the Postural Growth Trigger is to assist you in strengthening & improving the mind body connection to those muscles that hold you upright. Each week with your coach, you are sending positive signals to the brain to be stronger and have more endurance, as well as having a positive physiological response to the muscles and bones of this region. Over time, this results in improvement in posture & bone density with the aim to reduce the likelihood of a spinal compression fractures/breaks. 

If you have any further questions about the Postural Growth Trigger, either reach out to your coach or contact your closest OsteoStrong centre to explore how this can assist in your healthspan! #staystrong 💪 

Team OsteoStrong

Team OsteoStrong


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