Using HydroMassage to help during cancer treatment

Using Hydro Massage To Ease Stress And Help During Cancer Treatments

This month we are highlighting the ultimate feel-good-tech – the HydroMassage lounge. Whether you’re a seasoned massage junkie or someone who could not imagine getting undressed and laying down for an hour to be massaged, the HydroMassage offers everyone a perfect way to relax and de-stress (and you can keep your clothes on!).

Besides the instant gratification of feeling good after your HydroMassage, did you know there are some pretty amazing benefits for you internally too?

How does it work? The HydroMassage lounge uses waves of pressurised heated water to provide a gentle but effective massage to the body. The water is encased below a barrier, so you stay dry while enjoying the benefits. The HydroMassage is also the perfect way to recharge after an osteogenic loading session.

In addition to helping relieve any tension or stiffness, one of the key benefits is the reduction of fatigue. With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we look at how this tech can benefit those undergoing treatment. Fatigue is a commonly voiced symptom of those currently undertaking cancer treatment; as such, a HydroMassage session can be a great way to help feel more energised.

The reduction of fatigue is due to the impact of the massage on the central nervous system. Contact to the body (either through the trained hands of a massage therapist or the jets of water on a HydroMassage lounge) promotes nerve and muscle relaxation, calms the body down and enables it to tolerate the cancer treatments more effectively.

Some other benefits of the HydroMassage, especially for those currently undertaking treatment for cancer, include:

  • Assistance with sleep
  • Can decrease the prevalence of chronic pain (in cancer, this can be either due to the treatment or the cancer itself)
  • Reduction in chemotherapy-related nausea

We recommend that those undertaking treatment for cancer work with their coach on the correct application of the HydroMassage settings. Ideally, not too much pressure, with a slow and steady movement throughout the body. Too much too fast may not achieve the positive outcomes of calming the nervous system we spoke of above.

We love that you can feel good physically and mentally after the HydroMassage and that all these internal processes occur without us thinking about it.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or want to try the HydroMassage for yourself. 

Team OsteoStrong

Team OsteoStrong


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