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OsteoStrong is a unique and innovative wellness centre that focuses on natural bone and muscle strength

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Osteostrong offers a remarkable opportunity for contribution driven entrepreneurs looking for a unique and promising business in the wellness industry. Our franchise system stands out as a distinct investment choice for those looking to shape a prosperous future. At the heart of OsteoStrong lies our revolutionary technology, a distinguishing factor in the field of bone and muscle strength and extending healthspan. This innovation places us at the forefront of the industry.

OsteoStrong stands out in the franchise landscape with unparalleled support and operational excellence. From the initial steps to the launch of your location and beyond, our dedicated team ensures you receive exceptional training and operational assistance every step of the way. Experience the difference with our unmatched care and support in your business journey.

Bone Facts


Australians with poor
bone health


Broken bones
each year due to
poor bone health


Cost of Osteoporosis in
Australia 2022

1 in 3

Women over 50
die within a year
of a hip fracture


Australians hospitalised
daily due to falls


Cost treating falls
in Australia 2020

9 in 10

Hip fractures
caused by falls
in Australia


Australians with chronic
back pain


Chronic back pain
cost in Australia 2022

Invest Strong

Target Audience

OsteoStrong is designed for people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, accommodating a wide spectrum of physical abilities and fitness levels. Our unique market is segmented into three primary categories;

Regenerate Strong: For those aged 60 and above, the program focuses on improving health span by enhancing bone density, muscle and joint strength, mobility, posture, and balance. It offers safe, customised OsteoStrong® sessions to help rebuild strength and maintain independence, especially for those dealing with bone density issues or past fractures.

Everyday Strong: For teens through to adults who want to proactively combat the effects of aging, this program focuses on naturally building bone, muscle, and joint strength. It aligns physical health with mental and spiritual well-being, helping to prevent osteoporotic fractures and enabling a longer, stronger, and more active lifestyle. It’s never too late to start, as bone loss begins in your 30s.

Performance Strong: Tailored for athletes, biohackers, and fitness enthusiasts, this program is endorsed by figures like Dave Asprey and Tony Robbins as the ‘ultimate biohack’. It focuses on achieving high bone density and muscle and joint strength, enhancing athletic performance. The program includes efficient, measurable osteogenic loading and recovery sessions to optimize the body’s natural processes and unlock peak physical potential.

Patented Spectrum System

At the core of OsteoStrong’s® methodology is the patented Spectrum System. This system represents a new class of technology, known as the Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System (RMDS), which specialises in axial compression of bone.

This equipment is exclusive to OsteoStrong® Franchises and allows the application of a scientific principle that has been accepted for hundreds of years, but only recently commercialised.

High-Intensity Loading

The Spectrum equipment is designed to emulate high impact loading, in a slow, controlled and highly safe and measurable way, building stronger bones, in accordance with Wolff’s Law – which states that bones adapt to the forces applied to them.

The Spectrum System enables high intensity loading on the bones, far exceeding loads that are normally experienced through daily activities or traditional exercise. By employing robotic-enhanced positioning, clients are placed in their strongest biomechanical position where they are 8-10 times stronger. This enabled the Spectrum system to maximise loading forces exerted on the bones and muscles, ensuring optimal efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

Efficient and Comfortable Sessions

OsteoStrong® sessions are only required once per week and are quick, pain-free and without sweating. It involves a single controlled movement on each device under the supervision of a highly trained technician.

Highly customisable sessions are conducted 1 on 1 with the coach to optimise the client experience and safety. Clients come dressed as they are, and do not require any special gym clothing or footwear.

Stimulating Bone Growth

The Spectrum devises are designed to trigger osteogenesis, or new bone growth, by providing a stimulus to the Central Nervous System.

When it comes to bone health, we know that not all exercise is equal, which many Doctors fail to acknowledge.

Based on pioneering work by Deer & Tobias in a 2012 UK Study, it was determined that a 4.2 multiple of body weight is required to trigger bone growth in the hip and femur. Daily activities and gym workouts typically apply less than 3 multiples of body weight, which is why poor bone strength is a pandemic today for so many people.

The remarkable efficiency of Spectrum devices is highlighted by the fact that most people can apply force of eight to ten times their body weight or even more, very safely. This exceptional capability is what sets this technology apart, making it uniquely effective in its application.

Safety and Measurability

OsteoStrong® sessions are highly safe and suitable even for those who are not conditioned for regular exercise. Each device provides instant biofeedback, measuring impact emulation force exertion in kilograms and multiples of body weight. Members receive detailed reports after each session, which track their progress and improvements.

The have now been more than 7.5 million OsteoStrong® sessions performed globally with more than 350,000 sessions in Australia to date.

However, it must be recognised that no physical activity is 100% safe for everyone. An individual’s suitability for the OsteoStrong program is determined through pre-activity screening processes, and they may be asked to obtain medical clearance for any pre-existing conditions prior to commencement of any physical activity.

Additional Health Technologies

OsteoStrong centres also offer amazing “biohack” technologies that support immune health and overall wellness. These include:

  • Hydromassage®, for soft tissue massage and improved blood circulation and lymph flow, enhances recovery after physical activity, enhances wellbeing and relaxation, reduces pain and inflammation, releases muscles tendons and facia, enhances brain function, reducing cortisol through mediation and
  • Omnium PEMP®, for improved circulation and cellular water and energy, enhances immune health, accelerates wound and fracture healing, reduces pain and inflammation, improves mood, energy and vitality, provides cellular grounding.
  • Red Light – enhanced mitochondrial energy, reduces inflammation, improves collagen production, improves muscle recovery, reduced would healing time, reduced scarring and stretch marks, enhances recovery from hypothyroidism, repairs sun damage and wrinkles, boosts testosterone, heals acne and blemishes.
  • Normatec® compression, for improved lymphatic draining, improves movement of fluid and metabolites from limbs, enhances exercise recovery and mobility, improves flexibility and range of motion, reduces muscle fatigue and tenderness, decreases sensitivity to pain, reduces headaches and migraines.
  • Spectrum Vibeplates, for improved blood circulation, balance, muscle strength, reflexes, and posture, enhanced metabolism, improved athletic performance, better neuroplasticity and agility.
Health Benefits

Backed by proven science and tens of thousands of testimonials, it has been demonstrated that OsteoStrong® is a new physical medicine capable of harnesses the human body’s ability to grow stronger bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, which can improve;

  • grip strength,
  • posture,
  • walking gait, and
  • balance.

Thousands of members globally have reported substantial improvements in bone and muscle strength, balance, energy, agility, reflexes, posture, and glycaemic blood control. A number of scientific studies demonstrating these benefits have been completed or are currently being finalised which support this information.

Focus on Healthspan

The goal of OsteoStrong® is not just to extend lifespan, but to improve healthspan – the period of life spent in good health.

Enhancing musculoskeletal health and strength significantly diminishes the risk of falls and fractures, empowering clients to lead more vibrant and fulfilling lives as they age naturally and medication-free. This not only benefits individuals but also alleviates the substantial economic, social, and physical strains that aging places on both society and individuals.

Our Centres

Brand Strong

Ownership Strong

Unlike many other franchise opportunities out there, OsteoStrong is committed to providing our franchisees with the highest degree of support, at an operational tempo that surpasses all others.

From the beginning of the process to the day you open your location and beyond our team is dedicated to helping you every step along the way. You’ll be amazed at the care and attention you receive in the area of training and operational support!

Single-Centre Owner/Manager

Own and operate your own OsteoStrong franchise. This model is perfect for you if you are a passionate entrepreneur who is ready to wake up and do what you love—making people stronger and crushing business goals along the way.

Multi-Centre Owner

This OsteoStrong franchise model creates a close partnership between owner and manager to create a successful club experience for members and potential return on investment for both owner and manager.

Proven Strong

Revolutionary and Unique System That Delivers Extraordinary Results

Minimal Competition

Protected Territories

Enormous Market Potential

High Volume Members Capabilities

Education System Aligned With Celebrity Partner Tony Robbins’ 7-Forces of Business Mastery

Global Marketing Support

Clients spend 60 Seconds, Once a Week

Master Franchisor

Perry Eckert S.C. D.App Sci

A message from our ANZ Master Franchisor

OsteoStrong® is pioneering a blue ocean business opportunity in Australia and New Zealand, championing a natural, non-pharma solution for bone and muscle health to meet the demand of a growing untapped market. 

Introducing this business to Australia and New Zealand, my goal is to assist people improve their musculoskeletal health naturally, enhancing both their lifespan and healthspan. Focusing on this aspect of health is crucial, as it promises significant socio-economic advantages for individuals and the wider community.

As an OsteoStrong® franchisee, you will improve the lives of many in your community by lowering fall and fracture risks with our innovative program and Spectrum equipment. We’re not just running a business; we’re transforming the preventive healthcare landscape and setting new standards for musculoskeletal health and wellness.

My entire team is committed to the success of our franchisees, striving to create a meaningful difference in the lives of not just the franchisees but also their families, friends, and the wider community. We aim to transform lives, provide peace of mind, and significantly improve overall well-being.

Our 52-Week Franchise Mastery Program is tailored to guide new franchisees, ensuring impactful and deliberate decisions. With my personal experience in this field, I relate to the ambitions and queries involved. Together, we’ll ensure your success and positively impact our communities.

We are looking for contribution driven entrepreneurs like you, with a vision of tomorrow and the passion to make a difference!

Franchise Strong

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First to Market
Fantastic Growth Potential


Patented Strong

Robotic Musculoskeletal
Development System (RMDS)
called Spectrum


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Unique to the Market
Global Brand
Site Selection
Economy of Scale

Training Strong

Training & Support

OsteoStrong is committed to providing our franchisees with the highest degree of support. Our Franchise Mastery Program guides owners over 52 weeks, through all stages of launching and operating your new business.

Continuous Education

OsteoStrong provides a comprehensive training program to educate franchise owners and managers about successful sales, operations, and marketing even if they have no prior business experience.

Ongoing Support

We will provide managerial support and problem solving strategies for our franchise owners. Annual conventions and owner meetings are a great way to keep owners connected and grow a cooperative family of franchise owners.

On-Site Field Trainer

OsteoStrong grandopenings go smoothly under the guidance of an experienced field trainer to help during your first week of opening. Your field trainer knows the business of running an OsteoStrong and helps you become comfortable in your new OsteoStrong center.


OsteoStrong provides an extensive array of timetested marketing collateral and tools to insure your success. Strong social media marketing, viral campaigns and more. We have a team of marketing experts and graphic designers to support your investment so you can focus on growing your business.

International Team

Kyle Zagrodzky

Founder & CEO

Tony Robbins

Business Consultant & Investor

John Jaquish

Inventor & BioMedical Engineer

Any questions?

What is the OsteoStrong Franchise Agreement?

The Franchise Agreement is the legally binding contract that binds OsteoStrong Australia (Franchisor) and you (Franchisee) in business together.  

It outlines the terms and conditions governing the operation of the franchise under the agreement and must be compliant with the Australian Franchise Code of Conduct.

Key elements include the duration of the franchise, fees and royalties, training and support, marketing, standards and operating procedures, and conditions of termination or renewal of the franchise.

Essentially it sets the rules under which the franchisee business operates, details the roles and responsibilities of the Franchisor and Franchisee, and protects the OsteoStrong International and Australian franchise brand and patented Spectrum equipment.

What does the OsteoStrong Team help with?

  1. Finding a suitable location
  2. Owner onboarding and Training
  3. Assistance with coach and staff recruitment and training
  4. Centre design, detailed shopfitters drawings, specifications, and signage
  5. Supply of all Centre equipment including machines, IT and security 
  6. Pre-opening training, support, and marketing
  7. On-ground support for pre-opening and Grand Opening Day
  8. Ongoing marketing, training, and support
  9. Ongoing equipment and IT support

What training and support is provided by OsteoStrong Australia?

Osteostrong provides new owners with a 52-week training program incorporating the following modules designed to support Franchisees during the first year of establishing and operating a new site.

  • Human Resources: TeamStrong
  • General Business/Logistics: BuildStrong
  • Business Development: EvolveStrong
  • Marketing: GrowStrong
  • Sales: SellStrong
  • Craft: LearnStrong
  • Administration: StayStrong
  • Member Management: MemberStrong CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software)
  • Operations: ManageStrong

What does the Franchise Application process involve?

OsteoStrong has developed and tested a robust 120 Step Franchise opening program for new Franchisees.

Essentially the process involves the following key stages.

  1. Application & Profile

You will be required to fill out an application form and undergo a compatibility assessment. This process is designed to evaluate your alignment with OsteoStrong’s core principles, values, mission, and your competencies, as well as to determine your financial readiness for managing a franchise. This thorough evaluation ensures a mutual fit, fostering a successful partnership.

  1. Understanding the Business Model 

Successful applicants will receive a comprehensive business model and a detailed cash flow template. This resource is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the operational mechanics of an OsteoStrong business. 

It will enable you to construct a tailored cash flow projection, helping you grasp key financial concepts such as breakeven points and return on investment (ROI). This approach ensures that you have a clear and realistic picture of the financial dynamics and potential profitability of your franchise.

  1. Meet Our Team

During the meet the team sessions you will have the opportunity to interact directly with the OsteoStrong Australia Management Team.  This is an ideal platform for you to inquire and learn in-depth about the franchise’s operations.  

This interaction is designed to provide you with clarity and insight, ensuring you’re well-informed about all aspects of owning and operating an OsteoStrong Centre.

  1. Due Diligence

As part of your due diligence process, you will be provided with essential documents including the Franchise Agreement, Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Code of Conduct, and a list of current Franchisees.  

These documents are crucial for a thorough understanding of your legal, financial, and operational aspects, ensuing you are fully informed before making your decision.

  1. Meet the Australian Master Franchisor

After successful completion of your due diligence, you will have the opportunity to meet the Australian Master Franchisor. This meeting serves as a final review and endorsement of all your efforts and accomplishments in the process so far.  

Following this, the Master Franchisee will officially grant you the rights to establish your own OsteoStrong franchise, marking a significant milestone in your journey with OsteoStrong and as a franchisee.

  1. Franchise Agreement, Payment of Franchise Fee, and Purchase of Equipment

You are now ready to join our team and sign the Franchise Agreement.   

The full Franchisee Fee and the equipment invoice is now required to be paid and orders are placed with suppliers. This begins the 26-week opening program.

  1. Site Selection, Centre Design and Training 

The process of selecting the site, designing the centre, determining specifications, and conducting franchisee training begins in full swing, meticulously following the established 26-week opening plan. This systematic approach ensures a harmonious and efficient progression towards the centre opening, with each step carefully aligned to meet the agreed-upon schedule and standards.

  1. Centre ownership/lease and Fit-Out

The internal fit-out and signage for the Centre are being meticulously planned and initiated, aligning seamlessly with the 26-week plan set for the opening. This crucial phase of fit-out is undertaken under a contract and financed by the franchisee. Throughout this process, they receive valuable assistance and expert advice from Osteostrong Australia to ensure a successful and timely completion.

  1. Grand Opening and On-going Support 

Upon the successful conclusion of the initial 26-week program, contingent on the finalisation of the centre’s fit-out, the delivery of equipment, and the completion of training, the new Centre proudly opens its doors for business. This momentous occasion is marked by setting a date for a Grand Opening celebration, commemorating a significant milestone in the franchisee’s journey.

After the opening, a comprehensive second 26-week post opening support program is launched to guide the new franchisee and staff. This program is meticulously designed to guide them through the intricacies of owning, operating, and growing their new business, ensuring a smooth transition and a strong foundation for their entrepreneurial venture.

What is the ROI for an OsteoStrong Centre?

The success of a new OsteoStrong Franchise is heavily dependent on several factors including the location selected, the time and investment made by the owner in social media and local area marketing, and the owners business skills and existing network.

The OsteoStrong Franchise Mastery Program, a meticulously designed 52-week curriculum, is critically important for new franchisees, as it serves as the cornerstone for successful franchise operations. Following the program’s comprehensive marketing plan is pivotal, as it offers a structured pathway for brand promotion and customer engagement, ensuring that franchisees can effectively reach their target market.

Moreover, selecting the right team members is crucial; a team that understands and embodies the OsteoStrong ethos can significantly enhance customer experience and service quality. Understanding the OsteoStrong sales business model is another key element. This knowledge equips franchisees with the necessary skills to navigate the competitive landscape effectively, maximising profitability and sustainability.

The expectation of delivering the OsteoStrong service and culture is not just a guideline but a fundamental requirement. This ensures consistency across the franchise, fostering trust and reliability in the brand. Adhering to these elements not only accelerates the journey to break-even but also lays a robust foundation for continued growth and success.

This holistic approach, encompassing marketing, team building, business modelling, and cultural adherence, is indispensable for new franchisees aiming to thrive in the dynamic wellness industry.

What is the Franchise Term?

The Franchise term is 5 years with the optional right to renew the agreement for an additional 5 years subject to an administration fee of $5,000.00.

Why is OsteoStrong the best Franchise for me?

An OsteoStrong franchise could be the best choice for you because it offers a unique opportunity in a growing ‘Blue Ocean’ market, where competition is minimal, and the potential for growth is substantial. 

By focusing on musculoskeletal health, OsteoStrong is at the forefront as our healthcare system shifts focus from treatment to prevention, bringing both individual and broader societal benefits, including cost savings and improved general well-being.

OsteoStrong strongly aligns with contribution-driven entrepreneurship, allowing you to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. By focusing on improving bone density, strength, and balance, you’ll be helping individuals lead longer, healthier, and pain-free lives. OsteoStrong’s innovative approach to natural health and wellness not only taps into a growing demand, but also provides a fulfilling way to make a significant difference in your community.

Can I sell my Franchise?

You can sell your franchise as provided under the OsteoStrong Franchise Agreement to an approved purchaser.   There is an administrative transfer fee payable under the OsteoStrong Franchise Agreement.

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