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Regenerate Strong

Empower Your Golden Years!  Tailored for those 60+, our Regenerate Strong Program enhances your health span by improving bone density, muscle and joint strength, mobility, posture and balance. With 2 in 3 people over 60 facing bone density issues, we offer very safe, individualised OsteoStrong® sessions to rebuild your strength. Reclaim your independence and live fearlessly, whether you’re managing low bone density or past fractures.

Everyday Strong

Be Proactive, Age Fearlessly!  Our Everyday Strong Program is ideal for those seeking a natural way to get ahead of the aging curve. Our program helps you build bone, muscle, and joint strength naturally, while aligning mind and spirit. Aim for a future without the fear of osteoporotic fractures, and live the lifestyle you desire, longer and stronger. Bone loss starts in your 30’s so it’s never too late to start thinking about your bone health. 

Performance Strong

Unlock Your Peak Potential! Endorsed as the ‘ultimate biohack’ by thought leaders like Dave Asprey and Tony Robbins, our Performance Strong Program is the go-to for athletes, biohackers, and fitness enthusiasts. Achieve super bone density and bypass neural inhibition for superior muscle and joint strength, facilitating explosive performance on the track and field. Optimize your body’s natural processes with our time-efficient tailored osteogenic loading and recovery sessions. Reach the full limits of human potential—efficiently and measurably.

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