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OsteoStrong® South Melbourne is proud to be supporting our local community, by leading a revolution in natural bone health.

OsteoStrong® South Melbourne is a unique, integrated health and wellness centre in the heart of vibrant Clarendon Street. Our team of experienced health and wellness professionals support you 1:1 to build your bone health, increase strength, improve balance and posture, and restore your energy and vitality naturally.

At OsteoStrong® you will strengthen and revitalize your whole body from the inside out, using scientifically proven methods and state of the art technologies (see below).

Your membership includes a weekly appointment to our beautiful calming centre, where you be supported through your personalized program to increase your bone density and muscle strength while improving your balance and posture.

If you are looking for a natural way to improve your bone density, strength and balance, we invite you to book your initial Discovery Session at OsteoStrong® South Melbourne today…

More ways to feel good!

Wellness & Recovery

Vibe Plate Therapy

A vibration power plate that gently works to stimulate muscles and improve balance.

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The massage action of water jets within the hydro massage bed leaves you deeply calm and relaxed.

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PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy

A Pulsed, Electromagnetic Field that recharges the cells in the body – much like charging a battery.

Red Light Therapy

Encourages cellular regeneration to reduce inflammation, boost collagen and restore cellular function in skin, hair, muscles and bone.

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Wutti Oparkcharoen

Franchise Partner & Centre Manager

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Georgie Tzouvelis

Session Coach

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Jessica Dickson

Session Coach

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Ciella Berman

Session Coach

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Joel Anderson

Session Coach

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Michelle Pits

Session Coach

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Kate Jones

Session Coach

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Ashleigh Schill

Session Coach

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Success Stories

Legal doping for athletes!

Huge congratulations to Thana for winning an international body building competition!! Thana attributed his success to OsteoStrong, as our unique skeletal development system helped him train harder in his traditional weight training, resulting in more gains. That’s why OsteoStrong was nicknamed “legal doping for athletes”!

Thana | South Melbourne Member

300% increase in strength and no pain!

Ornella has been a member for just over 1 year. She came to us with a lot of pain and restriction in her hips, back, shoulders and wrists. Her shoulder in particular was causing her a lot of problems.

Ornella has been able to overcome all of this and is now the clear leader on our strong wall – she has just past the 300% mark. An amazing effort !!! Ornella is a great example of how OsteoStrong can have such a positive change and impact.

Ornella | South Melbourne Member

Stopped bone loss in it’s tracks!

In 2018, Andrea was told she has severe osteoporosis and her bone density would continue to decline rapidly if she didn’t do something. Andrea joined OsteoStrong in December 2019 and her most recent DEXA result from June 2020 shows that her bone density is EXACTLY the same as 2 years ago.

Andrea | South Melbourne Member

Helping to control diabetes!

Since I joined OsteoStrong South Melbourne, the benefits I have noticed include improvements in my posture and reducing my fasting blood glucose and HbA1c to the level recommended by my doctor. I play golf and I have also noticed I can drive the ball further than before. Generally I also feel fitter with less fatigue physically and mentally and I don’t even have to drop a sweat.

Ben | South Melbourne Member

Bone Density Increase 10.3%!

Jane has been a member with South Melbourne since July 2019. With the help of her OsteoStrong sessions once a week for the past 9 months, Jane’s bone density has increased significantly as confirmed by her most recent DEXA results. Jane’s hip BMD (bone mineral density) has increased by 10.3% which means her hip is no longer in the osteopenic range and now within normal bone density range!

Jane | South Melbourne Member

Bone Density Increase plus 138% stronger!

Increasing bone density without medication is possible with OsteoStrong!
Despite the stop/start due to lockdowns, Teresa’s latest DEXA scan showed that her bone density has increased! The only side effect for Teresa is she has become 138% stronger !

Teresa | South Melbourne Member

Bone Density Increase 6% + 7.5%

Helen recently had a DEXA (bone) scan which shows that she improved bone density in both hip (6%) and spine (7.5%). Helen is very committed to improving her bone density back into a normal range through OsteoStrong’s osteogenic loading machines and nutrition. Well done Helen!

Helen | South Melbourne Member

No need for medication, says Doctor!

Another member success story! Despite a year of stopping and starting due to health restrictions, Pauline improved her bone density in both hip and spine. Her doctor asked her to keep doing OsteoStrong and said there is no need for bone medication.

Pauline | South Melbourne Member

Balance improved out of sight!

My balance was off kilter (scary for me), could not hold my balance at all! Now my legs, my arms, my core body, my strength have all improved out of sight (overall improvement of 64%). I could not stand on one leg to save my life and I am an ex ballerina and ex gym devotee; not being able to hold my balance was incomprehensible.

Antoinette | South Melbourne Member

What people are saying

Local Reviews

07:34 24 Feb 24
Week 6 and I’m feeling so much stronger and I seem to notice my posture more. I look forward to a quick... weekly session and surprise myself each time. I’m confident my bones and body will thank me! Great environment, friendly and supportive coaches. Very pleased I gave it a go!read more
doretta pursanidudoretta pursanidu
23:21 24 Oct 23
Helen ProtettoHelen Protetto
17:17 05 Oct 23
I have been enjoying my visits to Osteostrong for the past 3 years, I have seen an improvement in my... strength, thanks to this very innovative equipment.Wutti goes above and beyond to make the experience pleasant and he’s very knowledgeable about health, especially bone building and strength.All the staff are pleasant and experienced in this line of work.Keep up the good work Wutti and staff and thanks for providing such a great service.read more
Rik de BoerRik de Boer
10:41 30 Aug 23
Very friendly and knowledgeable crew.I always feel a spring in my step when I leave the building!
Alla TurlakowAlla Turlakow
03:39 17 Aug 23
I am very impressed with Osteostrong.Osteostrong has made the concept of osteogenic loading to an intense... level to stimulate new bone growth very achievable. I find the whole program not only quick and easy (far easier than by pounding the pavement) but very holistic. I know that in 10-15 minutes I have given my bones and also muscles and joints an enormous boost over any other activity I might be doing that day, and that my risk for osteoporosis is mitigated week by week in a very substantial way. I also enjoy the bonus intense water bed massage or infrared light and grounding mat or lymphatic stimulation system that I get after each treatment. Wutti and his team of expert and knowledgeable staff at South Melbourne Osteostrong, make the experience very personal with my individual health needs in mind. Overall a wonderful targeted healthful experience.Sent from Outlookread more
Laurel McCauleyLaurel McCauley
04:48 16 Aug 23
Melissa StewartMelissa Stewart
03:57 14 Aug 23
I love going to Osteostrong in South Melb, even now I live in rural Vic at least 1&1/2 hours away, I attend... fortnightly, Wutti has been incredibly supportive and understanding of my needs, and the staff are all very nice, I always better for going, especially after the treat of a 10 min massage bed or light therapy, I do believe this helps my bone density as I age .read more
K WoooK Wooo
03:22 07 Aug 23
Amazing results for just a few minutes a week, and much better value than a gym membership I never use.I... know I’m getting stronger as I can see the improvements week on week. But also, I’m having less ankle pain and my posture has improved since starting the OsteoStrong program. I love taking advantage of the hydro massage or the red light therapy after each session.read more
Lynn HowardLynn Howard
02:26 07 Aug 23
I have been attending OsteoStrong South Melbourne for 6 months after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. My... overall strength has increased 38% in that time. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. One staff member supports you at each of the 4 machines to make sure you get maximum benefit with minimum chance of harm. I look forward to going each week. We all have busy lives so the 10mins per week required at OsteoStrong is a time-efficient way to improve your bones and muscles. Highly recommended.read more
Kate JKate J
01:44 07 Aug 23
Wutti and the team at OsteoStrong have been a welcoming and hopeful space for me, following my early... diagnosis of osteoporosis at 51. I have been on a steep learning curve having neglected the importance of bone health whilst being devoted to cardiovascular and muscular strength. Introducing specific bone strength training at OsteoStrong has been a crucial therapy in improving my bone density and turning around my osteoporosis diagnosis. I feel very fortunate to have this state of the art equipment not far from home; I only wish I discovered it 5 years ago.read more
Jeremy SamuelJeremy Samuel
01:41 07 Aug 23
I'm just loving the experience of OsteoStrong. It's very different to my workouts or any Physio or Osteo I've... done. I leave feeling stronger and my posture is definitely better. It's subtle, but it's definitely there.And the staff at OsteoStrong South Melbourne are just great. They are friendly and welcoming, very knowledgeable and make the whole experience a pleasure.Anyone over 40 should check it out and give it a go. One of the best things I've done for myself!read more
Calem KoekCalem Koek
05:21 29 Nov 22
Wutti and the team at OsteoStrong South Melbourne have been fantastic. We really enjoy our sessions and have... noticed a measurable difference in strength and balance, even in such a short amount of time. The sessions are short which has been perfect for increasing our health around our busy lifestyle. I would highly recommend!read more
Jane SearleJane Searle
22:04 13 Jul 22
OsteoStrong South Melbourne have a great team who are constantly encouraging me to meet my goals. In turn... this helps to improve my bone density which is ever increasing and I feel stronger making me very happy that I am in control of my life and future health.read more
Terri HynesTerri Hynes
13:49 13 Jul 22
I am so glad I found OsteoStrong, South Melbourne. Previously I couldn't walk very far without my back... playing up and causing me to stop . Now, there's no stopping me. .All thanks to Wutti and staff. The program is relatively easy, time efficient, and the after session hydro massage is always a great treat. Can't speak highly enough about the programread more
Rhonda NewtonRhonda Newton
02:14 15 Apr 22
OsteoStrong South Melbourne with Wutti and his kind caring Team has been a wonderful support both physically... and emotionally over the last 2 years of ups and downs.Physically my strength has increased markedly improving core stability and balance noticeably.My bone density markers have made considerable improvements over the 2 1/2 years and halted the osteoporosis decline.I wish I could take this service with me to Gippsland as I will miss the regular measured Osteogenesis activity that has become part of my wellness and strength schedule.So grateful for this new measured technology of OsteoStrong.read more
Denise RenoufDenise Renouf
03:04 03 Feb 22
I have been truly appreciative of the expertise and support provided by the staff at OsteoStrong South... Melbourne. Wutti and his team have been highly attentive to my needs and tried to accomodate my every request in the pursuit of wellness. In the 15 months I attended OsteoStrong my hip bone density increased from osteoporosis to an osteopenia range, and there has been no further deterioration in my spine. Unfortunately the travel to Melbourne each week has been difficult - Please let me be the first to know if an OsteoStrong opens on the Mornington Peninsula!read more

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Podcast | How to improve bone health

February 23, 2024 | Articles

In this informative podcast, Dr Shamistra Barathan, interviews OsteoStrong Hawthorn centre manager Sasha Layton about the natural ways to build bone density.

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Protect Your Brain by Unlocking the Neuroprotective Power of Heavy Lifting

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