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OsteoStrong® Colonel Light Gardens is proud to be supporting our community, by leading a revolution in natural bone health.

OsteoStrong® Colonel Light Gardens is a unique, integrated health and wellness centre in the heart of Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. Our team of experienced health and wellness professionals support you 1:1 to build your bone health, increase strength, improve balance and posture, and restore your energy and vitality naturally.

At OsteoStrong® you will strengthen and revitalize your whole body from the inside out, using scientifically proven methods and state of the art technologies (see below).

Your membership includes a weekly appointment to our beautiful calming centre, where you be supported through your personalized program to increase your bone density and muscle strength while improving your balance and posture.

If you are looking for a natural way to improve your bone density, strength and balance, book your initial Discovery Session at OsteoStrong® Colonel Light Gardens today…

More ways to feel good!

Wellness & Recovery


Our Spectrum® circuit is the heart of the OsteoStrong program, the state of the art Osteogenic Loading equipment you use every session.

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Vibe Plate Therapy

A vibration power plate that gently works to stimulate muscles, prime the nervous system and improve balance.

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The massage action of water jets within the hydro massage bed leaves you deeply calm and relaxed.

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PEMF Therapy

A Pulsed, Electromagnetic Field that recharges the cells in the body – much like charging a battery.

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Red Light Therapy

Encourages cellular regeneration to reduce inflammation, boost collagen and restore cellular function in skin, hair, muscles and bone.

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Vicky Cammack

Franchise Partner & Centre Manager

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Paul Mulholland

Franchise Partner

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Lisa Pomfret

Session Coach

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Belinda Symons

Session Coach

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Marike Yeo

Session Coach

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Kelly Matheson

Session Coach

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Claire Hutchinson

Session Coach

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Success Stories

7.7% bone density increase!

Lydia received her Bone Densitometry Report and what amazing results she has achieved. With increases of 4.3% spine, left femur 7.7%, right femur 7.6% the clinical consultant at RAH said she had never seen such a significant increase without medication.

Lydia said “it’s been around 10 months since I started OsteoStrong and I feel great and to see such an improvement is amazing and I don’t have to take medication.

Lydia | Colonel Light Gardens Member

I no longer have osteoporosis!

Stephanie has been a member for just one year and because of her employment and travelling long distance she initially attended once per fortnight. She had a recent (dexa) bone density scan which showed improvement in her Spine +2.8% and Femur +2.7% taking her out of Osteoporosis.

Stephanie | Colonel Light Gardens Member

10.8% increase in femur!

After 1 year Jo has had a 10.8% increase in her left femur and 6.6% in her right femur while her spine was unchanged. Today Jo said “I came to OsteoStrong when I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I also have Menieres which is a balance disorder.

I have noticed a great improvement in my balance and to increase my bone density is fantastic because I would have been happy not to have lost anymore and remain the same. I really enjoy my weekly sessions, it’s a centre full of fun and laughter and never feels like hard work.

Jo | Colonel Light Gardens Member

6.9% increase in bone density in hip!

Catherine had her DXA on 30th July and the results show… Total Left hip (previous) -1.5 NOW -1.1 report shows 6.9% increase. Total Spine(L1-L4) (previous) -1.5…NOW -1.4 report shows a 1.8% increase

Catherine said her doctor couldn’t understand the increase and asked what she was doing to achieve such good results. “JUST OSTEOSTRONG” said Catherine….That’s all it take’s, JUST ONE SESSION ONE TIME PER WEEK.

Catherine | Colonel Light Gardens Member

10.2% increase in bone density in spine!

Belinda had a DXA scan in 2018 which showed a T-Score of -2.5 in her Spine. Two years later and having been with us for 7 months her latest scan result shows a T-Score of -1.9 in her spine.

The DXA report shows a +10.2% increase (spine). Total Left Femur Results +4.3% and Total Right Femur +5.4% FANTASTIC results for Belinda.

Belinda | Colonel Light Gardens Member

I feel like someone has oiled my body!

I truly feel like someone has oiled my body! I have a spring in my step, less aches and pains and I love the fact I can now sit on the couch with my legs up, something I haven’t been able to do for years. I get in and out of the car so much easier now too.

Christine | Colonel Light Gardens Member

Never seen such a significant increase

With increases of 4.3% spine, left femur 7.7%, right femur 7.6% the clinical consultant at RAH said she had never seen such a significant increase without medication.
Lydia said “it’s been around 10 months since I started OsteoStrong and I feel great and to see such an improvement is amazing and I don’t have to take medication. This is just a once per week program and I love it.

Lydia | Colonel Light Gardens Member

90 minute round trip, is worth it!

This wonderful, positive, funny lady travels 90 minute round trip, taking two buses to keep her appointments. Eileen completed her independent DEXA scan on March 1st which shows an increase in her Femur 4.7% & 3.7% Spine. Eileen works tirelessly for others in the community and it’s a pleasure to see her every Friday morning.

Eileen | Colonel Light Gardens Member

I couldn’t be happier!

Gwenda travels from Kapunda which is approximately a 3 hour round trip. Today she showed us her recent DXA results and we are delighted to say she has increased her spine by 5% and her hip by 2.8%. Gwenda said “I am delighted with my results, I couldn’t be happier. It’s a long trip each week but it just goes to show you if you make a commitment to OSTEOSTONG you will get the results. I have made new friends and I really enjoy my sessions with great staff”

Gwenda | Colonel Light Gardens Member

What people are saying

Local Reviews

Kate BurtonKate Burton
05:22 04 May 23
Very friendly staff
Rose ZanolRose Zanol
10:38 22 Apr 23
Vicky and Paul head a team of dedicated staff who work efficiently to deliver quality service. During my... membership, I have been supported 100% to reach my peak performance.Recent events have left me feeling emotionally fragile. I am met with compassion and professionalism at every visit. I have been able to make up a forgotten appointment and feel valued and cared for. I can't thank the team enough for showing concern for my well-being at this time. I walk out feeling so much better than when I arrive!I am feeling stronger, and more balanced physically and mentally. I look forward to each visit no matter how stressed I am.read more
Gwenda ZbierskiGwenda Zbierski
11:44 16 Mar 23
I have been attending osteostrong weekly for just over 3ys travelling 1-1/2hrs because i have had such... excellent results. I have ALWAYS found the owners of osteostrong Vicky & Paul and their wonderful staff to be very obliging, very welcoming, friendly and they ALL have such a very positive attitude. They treat me like family and even my 3 young Grandchildren who often need to come with me never have they been made or felt unwelcome.Sharnee Benett I think you should be ashamed of yourself degrading such a wonderful business such as Osteostrong without giving it a go, and obviously you don't take your health seriously.Looking at your profile you have obviously done the same type of reviews of other businesses!Perhaps you should attend Osteostrong so you can gain some positive energy!read more
Deborah BarrettDeborah Barrett
10:52 16 Mar 23
Thank you to Vicky and Paul for varying my program due to a broken foot. I was able to use other treatments... which also assisted the healing process of a number of conditions. Thank you for the support in maintaining the progress I had made as I was concerned this injury would set me back. I was able to continue my usual weeklyappointments without any fuss. Very much appreciated🤗read more
Diane ColtonDiane Colton
02:13 24 Jun 22
I have been attending for 2years and my bone strength has improved .I go each week and enjoy the various... activities .I do red light as well for well being .The owners are a delightful couple as well as the staff .read more

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