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DYLN Water Bottle


Increase your water’s pH up to 9+ in minutes. The DYLN 16 oz insulated steel water bottle creates antioxidant, super hydrating alkaline water on the go.

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The magnesium inside the VitaBead Diffuser—located at the bottom of the DYLN Bottle—is what alkalizes & enhances the water.

Kickstart your metabolism.
You’ll feel more energetic. Right from your first bottle in the morning. Carry that feeling with you (in your DYLN Bottle) all day.
Hydrate more efficiently.
Alkaline water is more easily absorbed by the body. So, you can drink less water. But you won’t want to because the water tastes better too.
Recover faster.
Increases blood flow. So you get more oxygen to your muscles. And you can push harder at the gym.
Combat acid reflux.
Drink enough alkaline water and you may experience what some of our customers have: a reduction (or complete elimination) of their acid reflux symptoms.

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