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Angie Colliver

Business Development Consultant

Angie has been working in the franchise industry for over 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to OsteoStrong Australia. Angie’s sound financial and business acumen, the ability to deal with people at all levels, and strong attention to detail, make her an invalulable assett to OsteoStrong Australia in her role as Business Development Consultant.

As the current owner of Franchise Connections – Angie provides business consultancy, accounting and bookkeeping services to franchisees and franchisors in Australia and overseas, including OsteoStrong Australia, and our family of franchisees.

Angie has held key roles including general manager and financial controller in large businesses around Australia, across various industries.


  • Adv Cert Acg
  • Assoc Dipl Business Acg
  • MBA Leadership (WIP)
  • Cert Franch Exec Program (FCA) (WIP)


  • Vintage cars
  • Reading
  • My work
  • My family
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