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Perry Eckert

Managing Director & Master Franchisor

Managing Director & Master Franchisor

Perry Eckert is the Master Franchisee for OsteoStrong in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and the Australasian Regional Developer for OsteoStrong.

His vision is to open 500 OsteoStrong centres across Australasia over the next decade, helping to address the significant and growing health problems relating to musculoskeletal health.

Perry and his dedicated team have accumulated vast experience in franchise operations and development, making him an expert in fostering business growth and brand expansion.

Perry oversees the strategic operations, including business development, marketing, and franchise support. His focus lies in enhancing OsteoStrong’s visibility in the ANZ market and boosting franchisee success.

Perry’s dedication to improving health and wellness in the community is reflected in his unwavering commitment to OsteoStrong, a global wellness franchise known for its unique skeletal strength conditioning program. His leadership continues to be instrumental in spreading the benefits of the OsteoStrong system across Australia, New Zealand, India, Asia and Europe.

Perry also owns significant manufacturing businesses with a global distribution network.

Outside of his professional life, Perry is an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys promoting the importance of exercise, nutrition, wellness practice and health biohacking.  He strongly believes that everyone deserves access to the best resources for maintaining and enhancing their lifespan, and more importantly, their healthspan, which is why he’s so passionate about expanding OsteoStrong’s reach.

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