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“An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin

Prevention is the best medicine in a world where we live longer but not necessarily healthier. It reduces healthcare costs and ensures a life free from pain and chronic conditions. OsteoStrong significantly contributes to this by maintaining strong bones and muscles, enhancing physical activities, and reducing pain. It not only makes daily life more enjoyable but is also vital in preventing bone-related issues and falls resulting in fractures. 

Especially important in today’s sedentary and nutritionally poor lifestyle, OsteoStrong promotes mobility and independence from a young age. It offers a comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal health, addressing stress, inflammation, and metabolic health, supporting a longer and healthier life. 

Invest in Your Health Today, Your Future Self Will Thank You Tomorrow.

Key Points:
Everyday Strong

Maintaining Bone and Muscle Strength

In the face of sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, longer lifespans, and rising medical costs, prioritizing preventative health, particularly maintaining muscle and bone strength, is essential for physical support and overall well-being.

Healthy and Varied Diet

A balanced diet is crucial for bone and muscle health, especially for individuals with obesity, slim builds, dietary restrictions, or on vegan/vegetarian diets, to ensure they meet their nutritional needs for strong muscles and bones.

Good for the Whole Family

Adopting balanced nutrition and participating in OsteoStrong sessions are key strategies for maintaining long-term bone health and reducing health risks across all ages and genders, including men, teens, young adults, and women.

OsteoStrong Not Just for Women

Men and teenagers, often overlooked in discussions about bone health, can also be significantly affected by low bone density, underscoring the need for awareness and preventive care in these groups as well.

Improves Balance and Strength for Everyday Activities

OsteoStrong enhances strength and balance which can significantly improve daily activities and sports performance, making tasks easier and more enjoyable, while reducing injury risks.

Here’s proof!

Success Stories

Relief from chronic fatigue

Osteostrong was recommended to me when I developed fractures from osteoporosis. As I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with fatigue and mobility issues as well, I was pleased that they could adapt their program so that it’s manageable for me. It has clearly helped with my balance, coordination and strength, and I would recommend it.

Gill | Hawthorn Member

6.7% increase in bone density in 20 months

Osteostrong’s  consistent, targeted, time-efficient weekly sessions have been effective for me. My recent DEXA results show a 6.7% increase in bone density in 20 months. Specifically, the greater increase of bone density has been at the femoral neck, which is a challenge body site to strengthen, and so important to prevent hip fracture.

Certainly  I can also attest to the friendly, genteel studio environment, where the staff are genuinely instructive and affirming. Bravo, Osteostrong.

Ann | Hawthorn Member

Massive increase in strength!

With a massive 5kg increase in her grip strength in each hand in 13 weeks plus impressive gains for balance and leg power OsteoStrong Hobart member Sushila Desai is making strides toward her goals!
Sushila said: ”I’ve had real encouraging results in a short period. Very pleased! The team here is great!”

Sushila | Hobart member

I feel so much stronger!

We have another gorgeous moment to share with you all!
Our much loved member, Vivienne is super excited to share her amazing progress.
“My body feels much stronger since starting with OsteoStrong”.
We are so pleased to hear this Vivienne, and we’re excited for the growth to come!

Vivian | Hobart Member

Grip strength of a 30 year old!

In her 50s and showcasing the grip strength of a 30 year old! OsteoStrong Hobart member Angela Cripps is not only feeling stronger – her balance has also improved.
”When I stand on one leg now I can stand flat footed when I used to scrunch up my toes like a bird”.
Thanks for sharing your wins and for always sharing a giggle with us Angela!

Angela – Hobart member

My endocrinologist was delighted, and a little surprised!!

Kathy joined OsteoStrong Hawthorn in Oct 2022 after an osteoporosis diagnosis (-4.1), due to a parathyroid condition. Kathy has been attending weekly osteostrong sessions and is under the care of an endocrinologist.  In the last 12 months between DEXA scans she has seen a significant improvement in her bone density.  Spine – 12% improvement  Hip – 11% improvement Forearm – 36% improvement

Well done Kathy. Fantastic result for all your effort and consistency over the last year!! 

Kathy | Hawthorn Member

No more banging into door frames!

I came in to improve my balance and gained so much more! My bursitis pain in my hip has disappeared, I’m moving better, and with confidence. I’m comfortable to sit on the floor as I know I can get up, and my weak ankle no longer gives our randomly. This has all made me more confident to go walking outside and my spatial awareness has improved!

Katrina | Launceston Member

Rebuilding bone density at 82 years young!

Kostoula has been attending OsteoStrong since August 2019.  She is one of our most determined members and has proven that no matter where you start from, you can improve your bones!  At 82 years of age her latest DEXA shows improvement of +12.3% in Spine and +4.6% in right Hip.  She has also achieved a 113% functional strength improvement (average increase over the 4 Spectrum machines. 

Kostoula | Hawthorn Member

Stopped bone loss in it’s tracks!

In 2018, Andrea was told she has severe osteoporosis and her bone density would continue to decline rapidly if she didn’t do something. Andrea joined OsteoStrong in December 2019 and her most recent DEXA result from June 2020 shows that her bone density is EXACTLY the same as 2 years ago.

Andrea | South Melbourne Member

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