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The Slim Paradox: Looking Good but Lacking Strength at 50+

For women over 50, Pilates and yoga are popular exercise choices, celebrated for enhancing flexibility, posture, and core strength. However, these routines alone might be leaving something crucial off the table—namely, the development of bone density and fast twitch muscle fibres.

Fast Twitch Fibers: More Important Than You Think!

Dedicated Pilates and yoga practitioners in their 50s and older may find themselves scoring only about 50% in functional muscle strength tests. Why? These activities don’t involve heavy weightlifting, hence they don’t fully engage and develop fast twitch muscle fibres.  Fast twitch muscle is essential for maintaining agility and reflex speed as we age, which is crucial to avoid falls and fractures.

Numerous studies indicate that Pilates and yoga, being low-impact and low weight-bearing activities, do not enhance bone density, whereas impact and heavy weight-bearing exercises are crucial for fostering the development of new, strong bone.

The Slim Paradox: Looking Good but Lacking Strength

Many slender women who are small-boned with lower muscle mass might appear in great shape during their midlife years. However, this can be deceiving, as their lack of musculoskeletal strength increases their risk of fractures due to low bone and muscle mass, known as osteoporosis and sarcopenia as they age. These conditions can significantly impact quality of life due to falls, loss of mobility, independence and in some cases, mortality due to fractures, hospitalisation and complications.

Every day 364 Australians are hospitalised from falls in Australia, with half of these suffering from head injuries.

Enter OsteoStrong®: Your Muscles’ New Best Friend!

OsteoStrong® offers a unique solution. It simulates the benefits of high impact and weightlifting, enhancing bone health and developing fast twitch muscle fibres in a highly safe manner, reducing the risk of falls and fractures. This scientifically backed program ensures women not only look great, but also enjoy strength and agility well into their later years.

In Conclusion: Diversity in Exercise is Key

So, while Pilates, yoga or most conventional sport and exercise can offer benefits, it’s crucial for the fabulous over-50 club to spice things up by incorporating OsteoStrong® into their lifestyle, to ensure comprehensive muscle and bone health and strength.

Cheers to a balanced, robust and dazzling life after 50!


The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.
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