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OsteoStrong® Ballarat is a unique, integrated health and wellness centre where you strengthen your whole body from the inside out. We are conveniently located at 110 Creswick Rd, just up from the roundabout.

Our certified coaches work with you 1:1 to guide you safely through our Spectrum System, which increases your bone density and muscle strength while improving your balance and posture.

With state of the art regenerative technologies you can enhance your recovery, well-being and vitality, in just 1 weekly no-sweat visit. 

To improve your bone density, strength and balance naturally, book your initial Discovery Session at OsteoStrong Ballarat…

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  5. At your visit, learn how OsteoStrong can support your goals and become a member.

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What our members say

Bone density in hip improved 9.7%!

This is the lovely Kaye who was diagnosed with Osteoporosis 6 years ago.  Kaye became a member of our centre last year to help improve her bone density and help manage pain in her back and hips.  In a recent DEXA scan, Kaye has shown an improvement in bone density of 7.6% in her lumbar spine and a 9.7% improvement in her left hip.

Kaye | Ballarat Member

Bone density in spine improved 3%!

Jan has been a member at OsteoStrong Ballarat for just over 12 months.

Her recent DEXA scan showed improvement in her hips and over 3% improvement in her spine.

Jan | Ballarat Member

Rheumatoid Arthritis in remission!

Had an appointment with my rheumatologist today, I have rheumatoid arthritis. I am in remission! The disease is no longer active! I have been on the same medication for years, before starting with you, but the improvements began after Osteostrong, I can even start to reduce my meds!”

Congratulations Claire, what an incredible result for you and the team at OsteoStrong Ballarat!

Claire | Ballarat Member

Improvements in all areas!

I’ve been going to OsteoStrong Ballarat since the start of September last year as I was in the danger zone of osteoporosis, in only a few months my body strength has increased by 72%, my type 2 diabetes is back to normal, although I do take medication to control it, I have been able to decrease the amount I take, my balance is heaps better & my night cramps in my legs/feet are pretty much gone.

Sheila | Ballarat Member

Wonder woman Rhonda!

A big congratulations to our very own Wonder Woman Rhonda for hitting a massive 400% increase in functional bone performance since commencing at OsteoStrong 12 months ago.

Congratulations Rhonda what a fantastic effort!

Rhonda | Ballarat Member

Consistency pays off!

Sheena has been attending OsteoStrong Ballarat for just over 7 months and is absolutely thrilled at the significant improvement in her bone density in that short time. She puts this all down to her 15min Osteogenic loading session each week.

Sheena | Ballarat Member

Amazing recovery post knee surgery!

Judy first came to us in 2019 due to her knee pain and osteoarthritis, wanting to strengthen her knees before a scheduled double knee replacement. After surgery her doctor was amazed how quickly Judy was back up and walking unaided. Post surgery, Judy has been completing her weekly OsteoStrong sessions and with the assistance of our other recovery technologies, Judy at 72 years young, is back to her best, walking up to 10km a day.

Judy | Ballarat Member

Reversing her bone density loss!

Robin was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in December 2017. A follow up scan in June 2020 showed a further drop in her bone density. Robin then joined OsteoStrong and 18 months later, scans showed considerable improvement in her bone density. Her previous left hip T-score of -4.6 improved to -3.3. Her previous right hip T- score of -5.1 has improved to -4.3. Robyn is pleased that she has not taken any bisphosphonates, and her only therapy has been OsteoStrong.

Robyn | Ballarat Member

17.6% bone density improvement!

Debbie has been fit and active her whole life, and was still playing competitive basketball and tennis at 53 when she was shocked to be diagnosed with Osteopenia. Debbie was determined to improve her bone health naturally, so in March 2020 she started the weekly Osteogenic Loading program at OsteoStrong. In her most recent Bone DEXA scan, Debbie has reported a 17.% improvement in her left hip and a 17.9% improvement in her right hip. She is now categorised as having normal bone density in her hips. She also showed a 2% improvement in her lumber spine. Congratulations Debbie.

Debbie | Ballarat Member

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