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Harness your own internal power of building your foundation from inside out. When most people think of bones, the first characteristics that come to mind are likely strength, rigidness, and form. Yet, we know bones are far from static. At any given time, special cells called osteoclasts are working hard to break down bone tissue and release calcium into the blood, while osteoblasts are busy building bone density.

In healthy bone, these two types of cells act in balance, maintaining homeostasis between their efforts to break down and rebuild. But when osteoclasts absorb bone tissue faster than the osteoblasts can rebuild, the result is a net loss of density.

For hundreds of years, after being applied around the world in the field of orthopaedic surgery, Wolff’s Law states that when sufficient pressure is applied to bones, they will rebuild over time, naturally becoming stronger. The way to do this is through osteogenic loading.

“The underlying principle is one of the most fundamental in human physiology. Osteogenic loading is designed to provide axial bone compression, emulating high impact forces but without the risks of injury to the musculoskeletal system. This provides the opportunity for adaptation, making bones stronger and making people less likely to fracture. Further, it is important to point out as the skeletal system becomes more powerful, a stronger muscular system, tendons and ligaments can be hosted to improve human performance long term.” John Jaquish, Ph.D.

In a hallmark 2012 study, a study by Deere, et al, was published that showed that subjects triggered the growth of healthy new bone tissue in their hip and femur during an osteogenic loading session with the pressure of at least 4.2 times their body weight.

Our Spectrum® circuit is the heart of the OsteoStrong program, the state of the art Osteogenic Loading equipment you use every session. At OsteoStrong, members easily experience 4 to 10 times their own body weight on these machines, without injury or pain, triggering the development of healthy new bone tissue.

These devices trigger the body to fix and heal itself – the axial loading alters the inside of the bone and trigger minerals to make the bone more powerful. For most people of almost any age, this grows strong healthy bones and increases the strength of the whole musculoskeletal kinetic chain.

Bone density benefits

  • Slow the rate of bone loss (typically 1-2% per year after the age of 30) or
  • Reverse the rate of bone loss – building skeletal strength.
  • Impact the trabecular bone (spongy internal bone) that requires loading and flexibility to maintain function.

Health and wellness benefits:

  • Become stronger (both at a muscular, neurological and skeletal level);
  • Improved balance and agility, reducing the potential to fall;
  • Become more energised;
  • Have better posture;
  • Improve your immune system, decreasing the potential to become unwell
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