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Vibe Plate Therapy

A vibration power plate that gently works to stimulate muscles, prime the nervous system and improve balance.

Less pain. More strength. Better balance. Reduced bone loss. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how it would feel to experience all of these things.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

During your last OsteoStrong visit, you probably saw the equipment that delivers all these benefits: the VibePlate™. You might have even tried it! Now, let’s explore how it works.

How it works

During a VibePlate™ session, 30Hz of pressure is applied to the body. Your body becomes unstable on the device’s vibrating platform. At this exact frequency, spinal reflexes begin to fire without causing tenatus, or muscle spasms. Your spinal reflexes switch “on” the body’s stabilising muscles. This vibration impacts every tendon, ligament, muscle and cell. Every joint becomes engaged in an effort to stabilize the body.

Regular exercise works 40% of your muscle fibers with one or two contractions per minute.  VibePlate™ engages up to 90% of your muscle fibers, with contractions 10 to 60 times per second.

How we use it at OsteoStrong

Before osteogenic loading, a VibePlate™ session activates muscular tissue, increases circulation and up-regulates the Human Growth Hormone. This helps members to get the most out of their Spectrum circuit. After a session, VibePlate™ enhances the benefits of osteogenic loading on balance.

Bone density benefits:

  • Significantly boosts both bone mineral contents and bone density by accelerating bone formation and metabolism
  • Protects against bone loss in older individuals and increases bone and muscle mass in younger individuals
  • Promotes bone and muscle strength as a primary treatment as well as an adjunct to both physical and pharmacological treatments
  • Accelerates the healing and repair of endochondral bone.

Health and wellness benefits:

  • Increases skin blood flow in people with healthy microcirculation
  • Stimulates overall limb blood circulation
  • Increases muscle strength and, conversely, reduces the aging-related loss of muscle and strength
  • Stimulates lymph glands, contributing to better immune system health
  • Decreases chronic back pain, with potential as a preventative therapy

VibePlate™ is just one of the modalities that can maximize the impact of osteogenic loading. In the next few emails, we’ll explore other modalities that you can try at your neighbourhood OsteoStrong centre.

Until then, take a few moments to think about your current exercise routine. What add-ons could help you get more out of your exercise?

Improved balance is one of the first things that our members experience after a Spectrum session. You might have felt the difference yourself. Because osteogenic loading engages both your nervous and entire musculoskeletal system, our members achieve an almost instant improvement in balance and agility.

To dig deeper into the benefits of osteogenic loading on balance, we conducted an internal case report involving 50 members. By analyzing our standard protocol of tracking balance improvements before each session, we discovered an average 77% improvement in balance after five sessions.

What can you do to enhance your balance until your next OsteoStrong session? For the next week, add a set of weight shifts to your daily routine.

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your weight equally distributed on both legs.
  2. Shift your weight to your right side and lift your left leg off the floor.
  3. Hold the position as long as you can (30 seconds is a good max).
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat on the other side.

As you’re tracking your wellness goal, be mindful of how this exercise enhances your balance. Increase the number of repetitions in each set as your balance improves.

For more information about this technology visit the Vibeplate Website

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