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OsteoStrong® Hawthorn is a unique, integrated health and wellness centre, where you strengthen your whole body from the inside out. We are conveniently located in the heart of Auburn Village at 585 Burwood Rd.

Our certified coaches work with you 1:1 to guide you safely through our Spectrum System, which increases your bone density and muscle strength while improving your balance and posture.

With state of the art regenerative technologies you can enhance your recovery, well-being and vitality, in just 1 weekly no-sweat visit. 

To improve your bone density, strength and balance naturally, book your initial Discovery Session at OsteoStrong Hawthorn…

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What our members say

Relief from chronic fatigue

Osteostrong was recommended to me when I developed fractures from osteoporosis. As I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with fatigue and mobility issues as well, I was pleased that they could adapt their program so that it’s manageable for me. It has clearly helped with my balance, coordination and strength, and I would recommend it.

Gill | Hawthorn Member

6.7% increase in bone density in 20 months

Osteostrong’s  consistent, targeted, time-efficient weekly sessions have been effective for me. My recent DEXA results show a 6.7% increase in bone density in 20 months. Specifically, the greater increase of bone density has been at the femoral neck, which is a challenge body site to strengthen, and so important to prevent hip fracture.

Certainly  I can also attest to the friendly, genteel studio environment, where the staff are genuinely instructive and affirming. Bravo, Osteostrong.

Ann | Hawthorn Member

My endocrinologist was delighted, and a little surprised!!

Kathy joined OsteoStrong Hawthorn in Oct 2022 after an osteoporosis diagnosis (-4.1), due to a parathyroid condition. Kathy has been attending weekly osteostrong sessions and is under the care of an endocrinologist.  In the last 12 months between DEXA scans she has seen a significant improvement in her bone density.  Spine – 12% improvement  Hip – 11% improvement Forearm – 36% improvement

Well done Kathy. Fantastic result for all your effort and consistency over the last year!! 

Kathy | Hawthorn Member

Rebuilding bone density at 82 years young!

Kostoula has been attending OsteoStrong since August 2019.  She is one of our most determined members and has proven that no matter where you start from, you can improve your bones!  At 82 years of age her latest DEXA shows improvement of +12.3% in Spine and +4.6% in right Hip.  She has also achieved a 113% functional strength improvement (average increase over the 4 Spectrum machines. 

Kostoula | Hawthorn Member

Dramatic improvements in balance!

One of our founding members at Hawthorn who has just seen a significant improvement in her baseline markers. We do this with all our members every 3 months, which shows the fast-measurable results that OsteoStrong generates. Dorothy has improved her postural sway by 38%, therefore decreasing her falls risk from the moderate to low category which is outstanding & so empowering for her. Not only that but she’s also seen improvements in her hand grip strength! Well done Dorothy!

Dorothy | Hawthorn Member

My endochronologist was thrilled!

My endocrinologist was very impressed that my bone density had not deteriorated since 2019. He believed that the weight bearing exercises (osteogenic loading) at OsteoStrong had certainly helped me. In fact he was surprised at my age, I was stable!

Kate | Hawthorn Member

A MAJOR improvement

I was helping my daughter move house last week, moving things around and collided with the dog. Normally I would be flat on my back when this happens, but we’ve had a couple of instances where this happened and I stayed upright, completely balanced. My stability is a MAJOR improvement and I put it down to the work I’m doing with OsteoStrong.

Judy | Hawthorn Member

Increase in all measures!

Congratulations to our fantastically determined client Naomi, for her incredible results! After only 17 sessions she had a massive improvement in all tests.

Bone density +5%, Grip strength +90%, Balance +40%

Naomi | Hawthorn Member

Regeneration Recovery

Vibe Plate Therapy

A vibration power plate that gently works to stimulate muscles and improve balance.

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The massage action of water jets within the hydro massage bed leaves you deeply calm and relaxed.

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Normatec Boots

Air compression massage therapy for the legs to improve blood flow and circulation.

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PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy

A Pulsed, Electromagnetic Field that recharges the cells in the body – much like charging a battery.

Red Light Therapy

Encourages cellular regeneration to reduce inflammation, boost collagen and restore cellular function in skin, hair, muscles and bone.

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