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OsteoStrong® Hobart is a unique integrated health and wellness centre where you strengthen your whole body from the inside out. We are conveniently located at 88 Bathurst St.

Each week our certified coaches work with you 1:1 to guide you safely through our Spectrum System, which increases your bone density and muscle strength while improving your balance and posture.

We couple this with state of the art regenerative technologies. Enhance your recovery, well-being and vitality, to maximise your results in just 1 no-sweat visit per week.

If you are looking for a natural way to improve your bone density, strength and balance book your complimentary Discovery Session today…

We invite you to book your initial Discovery Session at OsteoStrong Hobart today

Discover how OsteoStrong can help you build your bone density, increase your strength & improve your balance for a strong & stable life!

  • Select the time and day that suits you from the calendar below
  • If you can’t find a time that suits you, please complete the enquiry form (or call us on 03 6215 4777 and we will help you to find one!
  • Please check your inbox (and spam folder) for a confirmation email and further information
  • One of our friendly team will call you, to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have prior to the Discovery Session
  • At your visit, you will have an opportunity to learn all about how OsteoStrong can support your goals and become a member.

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What our members say

Rebuilding bone density at 82 years young!

Kostoula has been attending OsteoStrong since August 2019.  She is one of our most determined members and has proven that no matter where you start from, you can improve your bones!  At 82 years of age her latest DEXA shows improvement of +12.3% in Spine and +4.6% in right Hip.  She has also achieved a 113% functional strength improvement (average increase over the 4 Spectrum machines. 

Kostoula | Hawthorn Member

Stopped bone loss in it’s tracks!

In 2018, Andrea was told she has severe osteoporosis and her bone density would continue to decline rapidly if she didn’t do something. Andrea joined OsteoStrong in December 2019 and her most recent DEXA result from June 2020 shows that her bone density is EXACTLY the same as 2 years ago.

Andrea | South Melbourne Member

10.8% increase in femur!

After 1 year Jo has had a 10.8% increase in her left femur and 6.6% in her right femur while her spine was unchanged. Today Jo said “I came to OsteoStrong when I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I also have Menieres which is a balance disorder.

I have noticed a great improvement in my balance and to increase my bone density is fantastic because I would have been happy not to have lost anymore and remain the same. I really enjoy my weekly sessions, it’s a centre full of fun and laughter and never feels like hard work.

Jo | Colonel Light Gardens Member

No need for medication, says Doctor!

Another member success story! Despite a year of stopping and starting due to health restrictions, Pauline improved her bone density in both hip and spine. Her doctor asked her to keep doing OsteoStrong and said there is no need for bone medication.

Pauline | South Melbourne Member

Regeneration Recovery

Vibe Plate Therapy

A vibration power plate that gently works to stimulate muscles and improve balance.

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The massage action of water jets within the hydro massage bed leaves you deeply calm and relaxed.

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Normatec Boots

Air compression massage therapy for the legs to improve blood flow and circulation.

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PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy

A Pulsed, Electromagnetic Field that recharges the cells in the body – much like charging a battery.

Red Light Therapy

Encourages cellular regeneration to reduce inflammation, boost collagen and restore cellular function in skin, hair, muscles and bone.

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