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OsteoStrong® Manly is a unique, integrated health and wellness centre where you strengthen your whole body from the inside out. We are conveniently located at 45 Sydney Rd, opposite the church.

Our certified coaches work with you 1:1 to guide you safely through our Spectrum System, which increases your bone density and muscle strength while improving your balance and posture.

With state of the art regenerative technologies you can enhance your recovery, well-being and vitality, in just 1 weekly no-sweat visit. 

To improve your bone density, strength and balance naturally, book your initial Discovery Session at OsteoStrong Manly…

  1. Select a suitable time from the calendar.
  2. If no times fit, call us on (02) 8095 9640 or complete the enquiry form below for assistance.
  3. Check your inbox (and spam) for a confirmation email.
  4. A team member will call to discuss your needs and answer questions to confirm your booking.
  5. At your visit, learn how OsteoStrong can support your goals and become a member.

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What our members say

Increase in bone density after 12 months!

I’ve been a member at OsteoStrong Manly for the past year! Compared to my last DEXA scan two years ago, I’ve improved my BMD in my hips by 4.9% and in my spine by 3.4%!! I am excited to see how I continue to improve even more in the future.

Michelle | Manly Member

Most recent DEXA scan showed an improvement of 6% in my hips and 4% in my lumber

After discovering I had declining bone density, and in the osteopenia range in my 40’s, my bone and muscle health are a priority for me. I’ve had tendency for thoracic pain for many years. I felt that the slightest jolt would send me to the chiro and I guess I was starting to feel a bit ‘fragile’. Over the last couple of months, my spine actually feels stronger, and I recover from those jolts without any issue.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that OsteoStrong opened on my doorstep. Your staff are awesome, and I love the ‘extras’ to finish off the session

Danuta | Manly Member

Amazing Transformation!

Jan was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in August 2021, but after making life changes including medication and weekly OsteoStrong sessions, she experienced a 10% increase in bone density! This moved her from the osteoporosis range to osteopenia. 
Not only did Jan’s bone health improve, but she also feels stronger and fitter in her daily life. She finds it easier to walk up stairs, pick up her grandchildren, and get in and out of chairs and cars. 

Jan | Manly Member

Bone Density Increased in 12 Months!

After my Doctor recommended Osteoporosis medication, I wanted to try OsteoStrong first to naturally improve my bone health. I am so happy to report that after a year of 15 minutes a week at OsteoStrong my bone density has gone up for the first time ever! I really enjoy the sessions and highly recommend Osteostrong! Seija has been an Osteostrong member for a year and has recently joined us at our Manly centre.

Seija’s latest DEXA results show that she has: 0.4% improvement in the spine, 4.5% improvement in the Left Femur, 0.1%improvement in the Right Femur

Seija | Manly Member

Regeneration Recovery

Vibe Plate Therapy

A vibration power plate that gently works to stimulate muscles and improve balance.

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The massage action of water jets within the hydro massage bed leaves you deeply calm and relaxed.

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Normatec Boots

Air compression massage therapy for the legs to improve blood flow and circulation.

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PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy

A Pulsed, Electromagnetic Field that recharges the cells in the body – much like charging a battery.

Red Light Therapy

Encourages cellular regeneration to reduce inflammation, boost collagen and restore cellular function in skin, hair, muscles and bone.

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