It’s Mens Health Month

June is Men’s health month and this time we thought we’d hear from one of our very own founding Franchisee Owners, Andrew from Ballarat.  His dedication to his personal fitness and OsteoStrong go hand in hand.

“Running, in particular competitive sprinting has been a bit part of my, and my families life for the past 10 years.  Although I took up the sport in my 40’s, I had represented my school in athletics during my teens and have always been involved in competitive sport, whether it be football, basketball, volleyball, indoor cricket and the list goes on.

My distances range from 70m to 400m and I currently compete in 2 versions of the sport: Pro-running and Amateur. The main different between the two is that in pro-racing which run events such as the Stawell Gift, each runner is allocated a handicap based on their running ability (similar to Golf) and we need to maximise our mark (or handicap) to get the best result. The other notable difference between Pro-running and Amateur is that in circular events you don’t run in lanes. This form of the sport is the most exciting because if the handicapper gets it right, everyone should go across the finish line at about the same time.  In addition, it gives runners of both sexes and ages to compete against each other. Amateur sprinting is basically running off scratch and lanes in circular events.

One of the factors that drew me to an OsteoStrong franchise was the Biohacking ability of the Spectrum equipment. During the last 2 years of using OsteoStrong as my primary strength building program and dropping weights completely from my training program, I have seen a notable difference in my running ability. Not only increased speed and endurance, but faster recovery and reduced injuries.

As an ageing athlete our body generally deteriorates each year, so to have access to the technology we have at OsteoStrong has been a game changer for me.  Regardless of how I perform on the track, the sport has given me a great opportunity to meet some great people and form lifelong friendships.”

Thanks Andrew!

Team OsteoStrong

Team OsteoStrong


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