Thriving not just surviving

Thriving, Not Just Surviving:  Our Top Tips For Optimising Your Mental Health During Lockdowns

Over the last two years, the world has become a bit of a strange place – I’m sure we can all agree on that! We have had many experiences thrust upon us, which, to be honest, very few of us were equipped for – be that emotionally equipped, financially prepared or even just equipped with the proper infrastructure (such as a home office or in-house gym).

Through it all, there has been a lot of focus on staying active during restrictions and lockdowns.  We know keeping our bodies moving is essential but challenging during a lockdown. Similarly, ensuring we keep our headspace positive has been equally hard, but it is just as important.

We took some time as a team to reflect on the three key things we have done over these last couple of crazy years to help us keep our heads in the right space!

  • Keeping Routine:

Working from home, school closures, changes to day-care, etc.… all these unknowns have meant our usual routines ceased to exist, but an essential step we have focused on is creating and keeping routines. Sure, some days, it all went out the window, but we all tried to make sure the next day we did what we could to get back on track by following a routine that allowed time for fun, play, time with family, exercise, good food and work.

  • Checking In:

As humans, we crave and need connection. Not all of us have a family at home; some of the team are young singles, and even those with family at home needed outside conversation. So, making time to pick up the phone, schedule a FaceTime or Zoom with a friend meant we could keep connected, share experiences, laugh, and cry together. It helped a fragmented world feel a little more connected.

  • A Little Self-Love:

When you’re under a lot of pressure, practising gratitude, kind self-talk and self-care are often forgotten. We have found that making sure looking after ourselves was a priority, and even building it into our schedules and routines has meant we had time to check in with ourselves, practice positive self-talk, and practice some self-care. A long bath, sitting outside having a cuppa, enjoying a book or simply letting yourself do nothing. The little things that let you enjoy yourself and feel good about yourself have gone a long way to helping us fortify our headspace. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

What things have you done to help get you through these crazy times? Are these three things on your list? If not, maybe try adding them in and see if they help!

*If you are struggling and need help, please reach out to professional services such as Lifeline on 13 11 14  or one of our OsteoStrong team is always available if you need to talk.*

Team OsteoStrong

Team OsteoStrong


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