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Your Pathway to Stronger Bones

Welcome to the world of OsteoStrong®, a groundbreaking approach to boosting your bone density and ensuring a healthier, more resilient you. As we journey through life, our bones, the silent heroes of our body, need all the support they can get, especially as we age. That’s where OsteoStrong® steps in – a proven ally in the fight against bone density loss and fractures.

The Power of Osteogenic Loading

Osteogenic loading, the cornerstone of the OsteoStrong® philosophy, has been scientifically validated in hundreds of studies for its effectiveness in enhancing bone density. This method is particularly beneficial for older individuals grappling with osteoporosis or osteopenia. With over 350,000 sessions by Australian members and a staggering 10 million globally, the impact of OsteoStrong® is undeniable in strengthening bones and muscles, and in reducing the risks of falls and fractures.

Why Our Bones Matter

Our skeletal system, the framework of our body, does more than just hold us up. It’s our natural armour for organs, the facilitator of our movements, a powerhouse for muscular strength, and a vault for vital minerals. But here is a little known fact – we reach our peak bone density by age 30, and from there, it’s a gradual decline, influenced by genetics (about 15% only), lifestyle and nutrition (about 85%) including diet, ageing, life choices and hormonal shifts during menopause and andropause. Recognising and addressing these factors early on is crucial for maintaining robust bones and leading an active, independent life.

OsteoStrong®: A Solution for Everyone

OsteoStrong® isn’t just for the gym enthusiasts; it’s for everyone. Whether you’re someone who’s never stepped into a gym, recovering from an injury or fracture, managing a chronic condition, facing joint replacement surgery, or just looking to maintain good bone health, OsteoStrong® is your go-to solution.

The Inside Story: Normal Vs. Osteoporotic Bones

Ever wondered what your bones look like on the inside? In their prime, they resemble a dense honeycomb. But as we age or encounter bone diseases, this structure becomes more like a sparse, fragile mesh, prone to fractures. Bones are dynamic, living tissues, constantly remodelling themselves in a process called osteogenesis. In fact, we rebuild our skeleton about every 8 years on average. This delicate balance of breakdown and rebuilding hinges on proper nutrition, healthy choices, and physical activity.

A Silent Crisis: The Unseen Dangers of Poor Bone Health

Poor bone health is often a silent crisis, lurking unnoticed until a minor fall leads to a fracture, opening the floodgates to more such incidents.

Wolff’s Law and OsteoStrong®’s Unique Approach

Enter Wolff’s Law – the principle that bones adapt and strengthen in response to the forces applied to them. A 2012 UK study revealed that significant bone remodelling occurs only in the hip and femur bones under forces exceeding 4.2 times one’s body weight. This is why many active individuals, despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, still face bone health challenges – unfortunately despite many other health benefits, conventional exercise including gym workouts, yoga, Pilates, Keiser, running, swimming, and cycling, simply don’t reach the force threshold needed to trigger bone growth.

OsteoStrong® understands this. It’s not just about supplements or conventional exercises; it’s about applying the right kind of force to trigger real, tangible improvements in bone health.

OsteoStrong®: Building Stronger Bones, One Session at a Time

At OsteoStrong®, we’re not just talking about bone health; we’re actively improving it. Join us on this journey to stronger bones, better health, and a more vibrant life. Welcome to OsteoStrong® – where every session brings you one step closer to a stronger you.

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