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‘Bone-Up’ on Osteogenic Loading with OsteoStrong!

Hello, lifelong adventurers!

Ah, to be young again, running around without a care, our bones and muscles soaking up all the rough and tumble like it was child’s play. Literally! 😁 But then, we transition into the world of adulting, swapping jungle gyms for office desks, and our once resilient bodies start missing the good ol’ days.

Ever wondered if there’s a secret to bringing back that youthful resilience? Enter Osteogenic Loading, your ticket to the health equivalent of a time machine.

Now what’s this ‘osteogenic loading’ sciencey term you might ask?. Picture it as your bones’ personal gym trainer, motivating them to grow stronger with each session. Our bones, just like us, respond to challenges. The more pressure they face, the stronger they grow. This is the essence of osteogenic loading. 🏋️‍♀️

But there’s a plot twist: regular exercises like walking, running, jogging, cycling, gym workouts, swimming, pilates or yoga are like a leisurely walk in the park for our bones – pleasant, but not quite enough to get those biceps bulging… or, should we say, bones bulging! 😆

Since the 1890’s science has taught us that bones adapt to high loads repeatedly applied to them – this is called Wolff’s Law, which is still taught in medical Schools today. Conversely, it’s not surprising that bones also get weaker when loads are not applied – did you know astronauts lose up to a quarter of their bone density for every year they spend in space!  🧑‍🚀

In 2012 a UK study by Kevin Deere and others discovered that impacts of 4.2 multiples of body weight was required to trigger osteogenesis (bone growth) in the femur and hip.  Impacts under 4.2 multiples of body weight did not trigger osteogenesis.  And this is why conventional exercise does not help build strong bones.

In investigating osteogenic loading, the inventor of OsteoStrong equipment Dr. John Jaquish, discovered that very heavy weight-lifters and gymnasts, who absorb high impacts have the highest bone density of all athletes. However, these activities are very dangerous or impossible for older people. 🤸‍♀️

So at OsteoStrong®, we’ve rolled out the red carpet for Spectrum™, our unique and patented robotic Osteogenic Loading equipment. It’s like a VIP gym for your skeleton, applying loads of up to 10-15 multiples of your body weight – all without breaking a sweat!  Spectrum™ equipment is designed to emulate high impact exercise, with self-applied loads applied in a very slow and safe way, that is highly measurable.

Backed by science and countless worldwide testimonials, OsteoStrong® can help boost your bone and muscle strength, balance, agility, posture, and walking gait. After all, these aren’t just numbers on a chart – they’re the keys to a vibrant, long, healthy and fulfilling life.

Ready to unlock your body’s true potential?  Book your first OsteoStrong® session today!

Remember, growing older is mandatory, but at OsteoStrong®, we believe in growing stronger. Here’s to a life brimming with vitality and strength!

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