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Swimming and Cycling – The Unseen Risk in Low-Impact Workouts & How to Counteract It

Fitness enthusiasts, take a moment to consider your exercise regimen. Swimming, cycling, and elliptical workouts are heralded for their incredible benefits – and rightfully so. These non-load bearing, low-impact activities can indeed boost cardiovascular fitness, amplify muscular strength, endurance, and maybe even burn those excess calories. But have you ever pondered what they might NOT be doing for you?

Let’s dive into some science: While these exercises are invaluable for our cardiovascular and muscular systems, there’s an aspect of our health they might be inadvertently neglecting – our BONES! Surprising, right?  Multiple studies have drawn a startling correlation between such low-impact exercises and a lack of positive effect on bone density. To be more specific, some master’s and veteran swimmers and cyclists have been found to possess lower bone density, compared to their non-athletic peers!

Now, before you jump out of the pool or off that bike, there’s no need to panic or drop these activities. Instead, consider integrating a more comprehensive approach to your fitness journey.

Introducing OsteoStrong® – your solution to this bone conundrum. It brilliantly harnesses the principle of osteogenic loading, a method that stimulates bone growth for most people. By incorporating OsteoStrong® into your fitness routine, not only do you continue enjoying your favourite low-impact exercises, but you also ensure a holistic approach to your health.  By improving your bone and muscle health and your balance, you will significantly reduce your fall and fracture risk as you age, giving you more time to spend in the pool or on your bike.

As you glide through the water or pedal away, remember to not just focus on your heart or muscles but also on the very framework that supports you – your bones. So, why wait, give your bones the strength they deserve.  Because a truly fit body is one that is strong from the inside out.

Discover the power of osteogenic loading with OsteoStrong®. Make it a part of your holistic fitness journey today.


The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.
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